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Providing strategic services

to public and private entities in understanding, communicating, and using  disaster and climate risk information

in policies and programmes


About Us

Depending on the project requirements, a dynamic team of experts is created at Sage to work closely with the client in solving challenges with innovative solutions. To learn more about the Sage team and collaborators in the past years click here.


Here is a short note about the founder of Sage on Earth Consulting.

Sahar Safaie_Sage Consulting_photo.jpg

Sahar Safaie has built a trusted network of individuals and institutions with expertise in various elements of disaster and climate risk assessment, disaster risk management, and climate change adaptation across the globe. Among her achievements are leading the process and authoring three practical guidelines for UNDRR on National Disaster Risk Assessment, National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy, and
Synergies between Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Policies. In addition, she managed the DRR Pathways Project which was a multi-year and multi-partner project of Natural Resources Canada. See below for more information about the projects and publications. 



Understanding Disaster and Climate Risk

We are the bridge between producers and users of risk information.


We provide services on various aspects of risk assessment process, understanding and using the risk information in policy and investments.

While empowering the client, we help you with:

  • Defining the purpose and scope of risk assessment

  • Understanding the linkage with DRR decisions

  • Managing the process

  • Manage risk data

  • Formatting the results; and

  • Communicating the results with users and decision makers

We may become part of your team at the governmental agency or join your technical risk modelling team to provide comprehensive services to the client. 

Developing Disaster and Cliamte Risk Management Strategies and Policies

We can support you to design and manage the process of developing National and Local Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) strategies and policies that are aligned with the Sendai Framework for DRR (2015-2010).  


We work with you to evaluate the current disaster risk management system in your agency and help you design a strategy to play your role in the implementation of the Sendai Framework and building a safer future. 


We can help you identify the common elements between disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and design an integrated strategy. 

Capacity Development

We can provide training sessions that are customized to your needs on various aspects of disaster risk assessment and disaster risk management. 

The capacity development services can be in different mechanisms, including:

  • Learning by doing

  • Series of in person workshops

  • Short in person or online seminars

  • Courses at universities or technical institutions

  • Desiging a certificate program, university course, or university degree

Projects & Publications

BC Disaster and Climate Risk & Resilience Assessment

BC Disaster and Climate Risk & Resilience Assessment

Sage On Earth is leading a consortium of consulting firms and expert individuals developing DCRRA (2023-2026).

DRR Pathways Project

DRR Pathways Project

Funded by Canada Safety and Security Program (CSSP); Lead by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) ; Sage on Earth acting as the lead on a $1.1Million contract

Assessment of Gaps and Needs in Risk Information and Data Management Platforms

Assessment of Gaps and Needs in Risk Information and Data Management Platforms

Sage on Earth was commissioned by Asian and Pacific Centre for the Development of Disaster Information Management (APDIM) to research and evaluate the baseline level of existing risk data, status of available functional data platforms and demand from regional and national entities in order to strategically align APDIM programs and projects to stakeholders need.

Vancouver Seismic Mitigation Policy

Vancouver Seismic Mitigation Policy

As part of NRCan DRR Pathways project, Sage on Earth is supporting the City of Vancouver with a process to use seismic risk modeling outputs and structure decision making framework to develop and evaluate seismic policy options.

BC Dikes Failure Consequence

BC Dikes Failure Consequence

Sage on Earth joined a consortium, led by Northwest Hydraulic Consultants. The project which ended in March 2019 was commissioned by BC Ministry of Forest, Land and Natural Resource Operations

National DRR Strategy Guideline

National DRR Strategy Guideline

Sage on Earth worked with UNDRR (UNISDR) to develop the Words into Action Guidelines on National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy. The Guidelines was published in May 2019

Guidelines on DRR & CCA Integration

Guidelines on DRR & CCA Integration

Sage on Earth worked on developing a guidelines on incorporating DRR in National Climate Adaptation Plans (NAPS). The guideline was submitted to UNDRR (UNISDR) in the summer of 2018.

Words Into Action Guidelines on National Disaster Risk Assessment

Words Into Action Guidelines on National Disaster Risk Assessment

(Past project) Sahar Safaie managed and co-authored Words into Action guidelines on National Disaster Risk Assessment while working at UNISDR in 2017 prior to founding Sage.

BC DRR Hub Design Concept

BC DRR Hub Design Concept





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please email: 

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